Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Card |

For those looking for a completely straightforward solutions for a credit card, the Ink Cash is a perfect choice, because it is very simple and is a no frills business credit card for those who simply want to use their card, and get reward points which can be exchanged for cash. Also, the card makes it easy to manage employee spending and the Ink Cash card comes with Chase Blueprint, which allows business owners to customize purchase repayments for large purchases.

Simplicity is Ink Cash’s Middle Name

It’s very simple. You earn up to 3% cash back on businesses purchases that are part of the program, with absolutely no limit. The rewards are created specifically for businesses, and how it works is very basic. You get a point for regular purchases and you get an additional point for office supplies, dining, home improvement, hardware and gas station purchases for a total of two points. For every 5000 points that you earn, you get a $50 check. It’s that simple.

Of course the Ink Cash also includes tools to manage your account online and any other cards that your employees are using. You can allow employees to spend up to a limit and look at purchases in real time and as mentioned, it comes with Chase Blueprint to customize your payments.

If The Cash Isn’t Enough

The Ink Cash includes Auto Rental Collision Insurance, which is mostly standard on Chase Business cards, but is a very convenient feature for those who travel frequently. With the collision insurance you receive full collision benefits and auto theft coverage, which means that you don’t have to pay for insurance at the rental counter.

You get up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance reimbursement with the Ink Cash Card.
You’ll breathe easier knowing that if you lose your luggage, the airport leaves it in another airport never to be seen again, or if someone steals your baggage, you are covered with the Chase Ink Cash Card. As long as you purchased your tickets with your Ink Cash card, you automatically get this feature every time that you travel.

This is a very straightforward no-frills card for the business traveler and business owner. The card collects points, double points for the items you buy the most, and you can easily trade the points for cash. You also get the ability to manage employee spending and use Chase Blueprint. The best part about this card is that it is absolutely free. You have no annual fee whatsoever with the Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Card.

Business Hotels in Bangalore Combine Business and Pleasure in Unique Manner |

The city of Bangalore in Southern India was a cantonment-garrison town during the British days and earned the name of ‘Garden City’ due to its salubrious climate and dense green cover with huge parks and public gardens dotting the city. It also used to be a ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ because most retired folks, after many years of public and government service, preferred to live in is quiet, peaceful surroundings. Nowadays, Bangalore is all of this and much more. Its most recent avatar being the most preferred ‘Business City’ and ‘IT Capital of India’. With the technology revolution that has transformed the world and India in particular, Bangalore has evolved into a world class business destination, with a large percentage of global businesses, manufacturers and retailers etc. making a beeline for this friendly city. Business hotels in Bangalore are certainly an off-shoot of the advancement the city has seen in recent years.

When a city or town flourishes with the influx of corporate entities, the most important aspect of development centers around the facilities and infrastructure offered for smooth business functioning. Bangalore is extremely well connected through rail, road and air transports. As an important railway junction juxtaposed between the South, South-West and South-Central zones with connections to most towns and cities in India, Bangalore Central Railway Station sees a lot of travelers arriving and departing every day, most of them for business. Hotels near Bangalore Railway Station, situated in Kempegowda Circle or the Majestic area as it is more commonly known, range from small and mid-sized serviced apartments to slightly larger business hotels, are easily accessible by cabs or auto rickshaws.

Some of the more deluxe and star-rated ones are also within easy reach of the railway station. To get a bigger share of the business, most Bangalore hotels near the railway station give special room rates, discounts and packages with attractive offers like rooms with complimentary breakfasts, complimentary pick up from or drop to the railway station. Some go a step further and come up with weekend offers for families of business travelers as special incentives to increase business occupancy.

Departments of Tourism globally have guidelines for a hotel to be classified as a business hotel and Business Hotels in Bangalore certainly know the importance of adhering to these guidelines. Apart from clean, comfortable living spaces and in-house dining, recreation and personal care areas, business hotels have to provide Business Centre facilities like computers, fax, printing, scanning, photocopying along with adequate experienced staff to function as Business or Executive Assistants. High speed Broadband Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi systems, laptops and other gadgets are commonly seen in Business Hotel rooms.

Seizing the opportunities that have opened up for Bangalore, several leading hotel chains have promoted Business Hotels in Bangalore under a separate category. These can be medium size to slightly large hotels in terms of number of rooms and the utilization of space to provide for the business traveler. However, while they do not have to necessarily have high end luxury facilities, the established guidelines make it mandatory to follow pre-requisites for classification.